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Lightview Plus is a wordpress plug-in which integrates Lightview into your wordpress blog and automatically changes all image links, so the images will open with lightview. Now, it is possible to show videos from YouTube and Vimeo with lightview.


  • Copy the lightview-plus directory to the wordpress plug-in directory under /wp-content/
  • Download Lightview javascript and decompress it
  • Copy the directories „css“, „images“ and „js“ of the decompressed folder to /wp-content/plugins/lightview-plus/
  • Activate the plug-in in the plug-in menu
  • That’s it!


To backup the lightview javascript on update, it is possible to activate a backup function in the options menu.

Embed Images

  • Choose an image of your choice, as you have done it in wordpress many times
  • Create a link with this image to a bigger version of this image
  • All the rest is done from lightview-plus automatically

Examples for Images
Rathaus :: HamburgU-Bahn Jungfernstieg :: in HamburgSpeicherstadt :: HamburgBugsier 18 :: Auf der ElbeHeidschnucken :: Schafe in der Nordheide

Embed Videos

  • Click the new button „Embed Video“ Video hinzufügen
  • In the pop-up choose the portal you want to use (at the moment only YouTube and Vimeo. More in one of the next version).
  • Insert the video id
  • Choose, if you want a link text under the video
  • Enter the link text
  • Click INSERT

Find out the Video ID

  • YouTube:
  • Vimeo:
  • Blip.TV: It’s a little bit complicated. To show the this video, you have to click on the share button. Under „embed episode“ find in the embed code this URL: . The highlighted part is the one you need to run the video with lightview plus

Example for Video

[youtube 1uwOL4rB-go The dead Terrorist]

You find the current version under


Nothing is opened with lightview?
In you theme the <?php wp_head(); ?> is missing. Please, add it.

Images are still not opened with lightview!
Maybe an other plug-in uses jQuery or an older version of prototype oder scriptaculous. Deactivate the plug-ins or let me know if you found an alternative.

I added images to my text, but they are not clickable and they are not shown with lightview.
You have to create a link to the image. E. g. create a link from the image to the same image or a bigger one.

Is there a jQuery version of lightview?
I am not the author of lightview. I have done a wrapper for wordpress. Please, ask the author of lightview and let me know about the alternative.

Lightview does not work in browser xy on OS yz. / How do I change the display of lightview?
I have no look into the lightview javascript code. Please, ask the author of lightview.

Current Version
The actual version is v3.1. Now, it supports YouTube, and Vimeo videos.

Everyone is invited to send me a translated language pack of lightview-plus. Now, we have the following languages integrated:


If you think this plug-in is useful or you want support, don’t hesitate to donate. Lightview Plus has required a great deal of time and effort to develop. If it’s been useful to you then you can support this development by making a small donation. This will act as an incentive for me to carry on developing it, providing countless hours of support, and including any enhancements that are suggested. If you don’t have a clue how much you want to spend, the average of the last donations were €8. But every other amount is welcome. Please note, that PayPal takes for every transaction round about €0.50. So every donation below €1 is only a donation to PayPal 😉 Further you have the options to have a look at my amazon wishlist.

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  1. Does this plugin allow for automatic popups when a page loads?

  2. The js was not backed up after the update even though I used the option in the options menu. There goes another half an hours to figure out how to put things back and make Lightbox work.

    Isn’t there another way to have a (normal) smoother update process?

    When it’s working there is nothing wrong with the plugin. I’m happy with it. Only disappointed that an update costs so much time…

    • Sorry for that. But currently WP3.0 has a bug. The hook when a plugin is deactivated isn’t triggered from WP and I don’t know why. But I will have a look on it. Thank you for you information!

  3. Hi,

    I’m having problems with Lightview Plus when using WP 3.0.1 Multisite enabled. It just doesn’t open images with Lightview. Everything is ok when using normal WP 3.0.1. What could be the reason for this behaviour?

    • Has someone else the same problem? Currently, I never tested a multisite installation, but I heard, that my plugin worked best with wp mu.

  4. I have some issues with the pug in, i;m not an expert on wp, actually i’m new, i know that the must be put somewhere, dunno where… 😳

  5. Hi, thanks for this plugin, I took the premium version and when activating a worpdress menu with superfish suckergfish 1.4.8 I have some conflicts problems not with the Lightviews Plus plugin but with the javascript of the superfish menu, it doesn’t work very nice. I think I need now to find another lightbox plugin to have the menu and the image working fine together…

  6. Images are not opened using Lightview, and I added the links to the images. But what do you mean by
    “ In you theme the is missing. Please, add it.“ ? In what (php) should this be added?

  7. Can I set the lightview style back to its ‚original‘ as presented at Nick Stackenburg’s site, including the play, pause button’s etc.?


  8. While opening the video I can see ugly scrollbars in my Lightbox-Frame. The zooming is amazing. Does exist stil a version in german language? :mrgreen:

  9. Your instructions read „Click the new button „Embed Video““ but don’t say where this icon is. Could you clarify that?

  10. Is there a way to exclude images or links from showing in Lightview? Now, every link with an image is shown in Lightview.

    • Currently, there is no way to exclude. But why would you like to exclude some images? I don’t see any reason for this…