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This site is also available in german!

TopUp Plus is a wordpress plug-in which integrates TopUp into your wordpress blog and automatically changes all image links, so the images will open with TopUp. It is also possible to show videos from YouTube, Blip.TV and Vimeo with TopUp.


  • Copy the topup-plus directory to the wordpress plug-in directory under /wp-content/
  • Activate the plug-in in the plug-in menu
  • That’s it!

Embed Images

  • Choose an image of your choice, as you have done it in wordpress many times
  • Create a link with this image to a bigger version of this image
  • All the rest is done from lightview-plus automatically

Embed Videos

  • Click the new button „Embed Video“ Video hinzufügen
  • In the pop-up choose the portal you want to use (at the moment only YouTube and Vimeo. More in one of the next version).
  • Insert the video id
  • Choose, if you want a link text under the video
  • Enter the link text
  • Click INSERT

Find out the Video ID

The highlighted part is the video id!

  • YouTube:
  • Vimeo:
  • Blip.TV:


You can find examples on the TopUp site.


Nothing is opened with TopUp?
In you theme the <?php wp_head(); ?> is missing. Please, add it.

I added images to my text, but they are not clickable and they are not shown with lightview.
You have to create a link to the image. E. g. create a link from the image to the same image or a bigger one.

Is there a version of TopUp for prototype?
YES! You can use Lightview Plus. It has the same functions as TopUp Plus!

TopUp does not work in browser xy on OS yz. / How do I change the display of TopUp?
I haven’t wrote the TopUp javascript code. Please, ask the author of TopUp.


You can find the actuale version at

Actual Version

The actual version is 2.5.x. It supports YouTube, and Vimeo videos.

Everyone is invited to send me a translated language pack of lightview-plus. Now, we have the following languages integrated:

  • Deutsch – myself


If you think this plug-in is useful or you want support, don’t hesitate to donate. TopUp Plus has required a great deal of time and effort to develop. If it’s been useful to you then you can support this development by making a small donation. This will act as an incentive for me to carry on developing it, providing countless hours of support, and including any enhancements that are suggested. If you don’t have a clue how much you want to spend, the average of the last donations were €8. But every other amount is welcome. Please note, that PayPal takes for every transaction round about €0.50. So every donation below €1 is only a donation to PayPal 😉 Further you have the options to have a look at my amazon wishlist.

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