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TopUp Plus is a wordpress plug-in which integrates TopUp into your wordpress blog and automatically changes all image links, so the images will open with TopUp. It is also possible to show videos from YouTube, Blip.TV and Vimeo with TopUp.


  • Copy the topup-plus directory to the wordpress plug-in directory under /wp-content/
  • Activate the plug-in in the plug-in menu
  • That’s it!

Embed Images

  • Choose an image of your choice, as you have done it in wordpress many times
  • Create a link with this image to a bigger version of this image
  • All the rest is done from lightview-plus automatically

Embed Videos

  • Click the new button „Embed Video“ Video hinzufügen
  • In the pop-up choose the portal you want to use (at the moment only YouTube and Vimeo. More in one of the next version).
  • Insert the video id
  • Choose, if you want a link text under the video
  • Enter the link text
  • Click INSERT

Find out the Video ID

The highlighted part is the video id!

  • YouTube:
  • Vimeo:
  • Blip.TV:


You can find examples on the TopUp site.


Nothing is opened with TopUp?
In you theme the <?php wp_head(); ?> is missing. Please, add it.

I added images to my text, but they are not clickable and they are not shown with lightview.
You have to create a link to the image. E. g. create a link from the image to the same image or a bigger one.

Is there a version of TopUp for prototype?
YES! You can use Lightview Plus. It has the same functions as TopUp Plus!

TopUp does not work in browser xy on OS yz. / How do I change the display of TopUp?
I haven’t wrote the TopUp javascript code. Please, ask the author of TopUp.


You can find the actuale version at

Actual Version

The actual version is 2.5.x. It supports YouTube, and Vimeo videos.

Everyone is invited to send me a translated language pack of lightview-plus. Now, we have the following languages integrated:

  • Deutsch — myself


If you think this plug-in is useful or you want support, don’t hesitate to donate. TopUp Plus has required a great deal of time and effort to develop. If it’s been useful to you then you can support this development by making a small donation. This will act as an incentive for me to carry on developing it, providing countless hours of support, and including any enhancements that are suggested. If you don’t have a clue how much you want to spend, the average of the last donations were €8. But every other amount is welcome. Please note, that PayPal takes for every transaction round about €0.50. So every donation below €1 is only a donation to PayPal 😉 Further you have the options to have a look at my amazon wishlist.

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  1. Hello Thorsten. At first I wish to thank you a lot for your work on this great extensions as LightView Plus or TopUp Plus. I’ve been using LightView with the WordPress 2.x versions but it doesn’t work anymore on my blog. So I’ve given a try to TopUp Plus and it seems to work fine. My blog is new, I’m still configuring and testing it. It’s not my first WP blog but I’m not an expert anyway.
    On my first article I’ve added some images in thumbnail format, with a link behind to a larger size of the same image. It worked fine for the first two images. But for the third it does something wrong with the article code, I can’t explain why because there’s not so much differences with the 2 first images.

    In the WordPress article code editor, the image and link look like this:

    <a href=„“><img src=„“ alt=„Prévision sur 3 ans des taux de disfonctionnement classés par prix d’achat“ title=““ width=„489“ height=„275“ /></a>

    When the article is displayed by any browser (Opera, IE8, Firefox or Chrome), the image has disappeared. So I open the page source from the browser and here’s what I see:

    <a href=„“  class=„top_up“ toptions=„group = 24“  title=„Prévision des taux de disfonctionnement classés par prix d‘><img src=„“ alt=„Prévision sur 3 ans des taux de disfonctionnement classés par prix d’achat“ title=„Prévision des taux de disfonctionnement classés par prix d’achat“ width=„489“ height=„275“ /></a>

    As you can see, my only way to avoid the code error is to make my empty in the WordPress Editor. But what I really don’t understand is why the first 2 images are not affected by the same error while the code formatting is exactly the same. Only image file name, alt and title are changed.

    Please… HELP! 😀

    (in case of bad formatting, you could find the TXT version of this comment at

    • Did something wrong : in fact, the code in WP editor has same title content as alt. I HAD to make it empty just to see the image. Code example has been fixed in the TXT document. Sorry for this mistake.

    • Thank you so much Thorsten. You’re right : I’ve just replaced the apostrophe with


      and it worked fine. If it’s the only thing I have to remember when posting an image, I guess that I’ld be able to do that, lol

      One more time thanks for your work on this cool effects, and above all for sharing your work with us. You rock !

  2. top up plus in use, pops up a youtube video link just fine, but has scrollbars in the popped up view.

    Is there a way to get these off there?

    Also is there a way to have it play the video without showing related videos at the end?

    • Hi Craig,
      I have the same problem, but that’s an issue of the top up javascript, but the author doesn’t answer any requests and doesn’t created any new version of the javascript.

  3. I made the translation of the latest version of the plugin topup
    to Spanish, I wonder If you are interested in the same

  4. I’ve searched around and am surprised no one’s mentioned changing the thumbnail size from 150 px. I can’t see it in the css so I guess it’s in the js?

  5. Do you need help to translate the TopUp Plus page to english? Did you plan to translate your plugin to more languages? If so could I also contribute to translate page and plugin to French?

    • Currently, the TopUp javascript isn’t compatible with the jquery delivered with wp 3.1 and it seems, that the developer of Topup has given up. So, I don’t know if it’s an good idea, to put further time in this plugin. What do you think?

      • According to this informations, I think you know better than me what is best. And if the TopUp project is discontinued, it will surely die little by little. Of course I wouldn’t like to spend hours on an outdated plugin. But if one day the TopUp dev wakes up, I’ll be pleased to contribute.

        Thanks for the infos, Thorsten.

  6. Perhaps I have totally misunderstood something.. Where is the „embedd video“ button supposed to be? i don’t see it anywhere at all.. What does „if you do not have the embedded video plugin activated“ mean? how do I disactivate an embedded plugin?

  7. Ok, disregard my last post, I got it to work, but I also have the problem of scrollbars on the youtube videos and vimeovids as well as pictures doesn’t work at all. Will this plugin be fixed or do you have any recommendations for an equal alternative?

  8. @OrdiFacil‘
    I work on an other plugin with the same functionallity, but I have currently not so much time. So it will take a little bit longer to bring it to the end.

    Yes, but this isn’t the fault of my plugin. It’s a problem with the TopUp javascript, but as described above, the developer stopped the work on this plugin currently.

    • Hi Thorsten,

      I have a problem from … maybe 1–2 weeks ago. Befor that the pictures are showing with topup galery withouth problem. But now when you click on it it’s only link to adres of the picture.

      I use it with Picasa Image Express plugin.

      Can you help me ?

      • I had a look on your site. A other plugin or function in your function.php adds a rel-tag to all your image links and replaces the tags which are set by topup plus.

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